Two Brisbane mates build a laundry in a van to provide free laundry service to the homeless


Lucas and Nicholas

20-year-old engineering student Lucas Patchett, came up with a truly greatest idea. In July (2014) he got together with fellow engineering student, Nicholas Marchesi, and fitted out an old van with a laundry and started running their free mobile laundry service, Orange Sky. The about page on their website beautifully displays the business motto of “Raise health standards. Restore respect. Reduce strain on resources”.

It is estimated that 300 people live homeless in BrisbaneGiggle & Hoot & Friends On Stage. Read more … » every day and night. This is a perfect example of doing something incredibly worthwhile and giving back with the knowledge and skills that you have acquired through a degree. Truly admirable and something we should all be influenced by.

They try to make sure that they are in the same location as the food vans who also help the homeless around town so washing can be done while their clients have a much needed meal. The van has two washing machines and two dryers that are powered by a generator on a trailer, and water is sourced from taps in parks or nearby businesses.

Orange Sky have big plans for the future

Orange Sky have big plans for the future

Orange Sky Laundry are currently testing 6 different locations around the Inner City of Brisbane.  Their website says “The dream is to have a fleet of larger trucks (with 6 washers and 6 dryers)  or vans servicing locations around the country.” They are currently taking expressions of interest for volunteers to help get this project up to a large scale and would like to take it nation-wide.

To donate money to Orange Sky Laundry, to apply to volunteer or to simply find out more, visit their website

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