Brisbane Photography Group

Every second Saturday, the Brisbane Photography Group meets at a different beautiful or interesting location around Brisbane. It’s free to join the Brisbane photography group and learn about upcoming events.

The aim of the Brisbane photography group is to provide a cheap way for complete beginners to learn the basics, and for more experienced photographers to expand their knowledge and learn new techniques. Each meetup lasts 2 hours and focuses on a particular aspect of photography. For instance one week we may concentrate on the creative use of light, another week we could focus on framing, or another on creating foreground interest.

Each meeting is hosted by a professional photographer who is there to answer questions and make suggestions.It’s also fun to meet and gain inspiration from other keen photographers at all experience levels.

After each meeting you’re can share your best photos with the group on the Brisbane photography group forum and discuss and encouragingly critique each others photographs. There are also prizes for the best photos.

The cost is usually $20, but it can sometimes be a little more if a model or extra equipment is required.

To enquire phone: 1300 21 11 21

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