Lime & Lemongrass Sorbet Recipe

Prepare to be amazed at the taste and simplicity of this Lime And Lemongrass Sorbet recipe.

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At a friend’s blessingway (babyshower) last weekend I caught the smell of a candle that was being gifted to the mama-to-be. It was scented with lime and lemongrass and immediately I knew that this flavour combination would make a great sorbet. And what would you know? The next day at my local marketsSouthbank Markets Brisbane. Read more … » (Bardon Markets), I scored a bag of 8 big, juicy limes for $2.00. It was meant to be. This morning I dusted off my Cuisinart ice cream maker and got to it. It tastes amazing with both children begging me for more and more and more. I will have to make a double batch tomorrow. :)

To Make Lime And Lemongrass Sorbet


2 cups of water

1.5 cups of white sugar (some recipes say 2 cups but these were sweet limes).

1 cup of lime juice

1 lemongrass stalk about 10cms to 15cms long very finely chopped


Add water and sugar to a saucepan. Stir until the sugar has dissolved completely. Take off the heat and sit to the side so the sugar syrup can cool.

Place your finely chopped lemongrass into the syrup while still hot to bring the flavours out and soften the lemongrass.

Juice enough limes to make 250ml of juice (1 cup). I only needed 6 limes but these limes were super juicy and large. Try to find limes on the larger side.

Once the syrup is room temp, add the lime juice and stir, then place into a jug and into the fridge until cold. It sets in the ice cream maker faster when cold.

Once the combination of the ingredients in the jug are cold, poor them into the frozen bowl of your ice cream maker and turn your ice cream maker on for 45 mins + depending on how firm you like your sorbet.

Serve immediately or transfer to a air tight container and place in your freezer until ready to eat. It’s so yummy!!!!

lime and lemongrass sorbet

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