Maleny Farmland

Maleny Farmland

Maleny is a small scenic town 90 kilometres North of BrisbaneGiggle & Hoot & Friends On Stage. Read more … » on the Blackall Range overlooking the Sunshine Coast hinterland in Queensland, Australia. Nearby towns include Landsborough, Montville and Peachester. Nearby places of geographical significance include the Glass House Mountains and Baroon Pocket Dam.

It hosts the Maleny Wood Expo From Chainsaw competitions to Fine Furniture each year, hosted by Barung Landcare and showcases the regions finest wood artisans. Situated approximately 450 metres (1,480 ft) above sea level, Maleny has a sub-tropical climate with cool clear winters and warm wet summers. A high annual rainfall approaching 1,800 millimetres (71 in) gives rise to the characteristic green rolling hills. Prior to European settlement, the area was covered in thick sub-tropical rainforest with huge hardwood trees. Timber-getters in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries opened up the area seeking valuable timber, which was prized locally and in Europe. Heavy logging led to the almost complete denuding of the rainforest clad hills in the district around Maleny. Pockets of forest remain in steeper terrain and in one large remnant patch (around 40 Hectares or 100 Acres) which now forms Mary Cairncross Reserve.

Maleny street art

Maleny street art

History of Maleny

The area around Maleny was originally populated by two aboriginal groups, the Nalbo people and the Dallambara group. The area was known for its bunya feasts which happened every third year when the giant bunya tree was in fruit. The first European to document Maleny was the explorer Ludwig Leichhardt who describes the area in his travel diary in 1844. The first European settlement followed in the wake of the Gympie gold rush of 1867. Maleny was a timber town until the early 1920s and then was a centre of dairy production with a butter factory which declined in the 1960s.


Maleny has replaced its timber-cutting and dairying past with tourism with a large influx of people who wanted an alternative lifestyle. As well as being on the Hinterland tourist drive, Maleny attracts day trippers from Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast who are attracted to the various stores, art galleries and specialty shops.

Development and Protests


The Woolworths Supermarket at Maleny

Maleny’s population growth, in the last decade, has brought an increase in urban development. Many local residents have resisted some of the development, the most notable being the new Woolworths. Many locals were opposed to the idea (79% of local residents opposed according to “Market Facts” survey 20/07/05. A number of motivations for the protest existed but of particular concern was that the supermarket was to be built over a significant platypus habitat.


Maleny is home to a large number of cooperative enterprises. There are art galleries, health food and organic produce stores, cafes, a co-op credit union, thriving business centre, rural settlements, alternative schools, alternative medical treatment, organic farming, intentional communities, and others. Maleny hosted the Maleny Folk FestivalRedcliffe KiteFest. Read more … » from its inception in 1987 to 1994, when it was moved to the nearby town of Woodford and renamed the Woodford Folk Festival. Other tourist attractions include Maleny Cheese and the Maleny Dairy, that both have a kiosk cafe and tours daily.


Maleny playground art

Baroon Pocket Dam

Baroon Pocket Dam constructed in 1989 is fed by the Obi Obi Creek, a significant tributary of the upper Mary River, which drains the basalt capped Maleny plateau. Water runoff statistics have been kept in this area since the 1940’s showing that the average annual rainfall is 2,037 millimetres (80.2 in) and the runoff into Baroon Pocket Dam receives annually about 64,000ML. Since its construction the dam has become an important recreation area for the Sunshine CoastSunshine Coast Region Markets. Read more … » hinterland. The Baroon Pocket Dam holds about 61,000 megalitres of water and the treatment plant supplies about 150 megalitres of treated water to the Sunshine Coast daily. There is a sailing club, naval cadet unit, fishing club, secluded accommodationSpecial Q1 Accommodation Deals. Read more … », and picnic facilities.

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