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This article was written on the 32nd anniversary of the demolition of one of BrisbaneGiggle & Hoot & Friends On Stage. Read more … »‘s (and even Autralia’s) most fondly remembered entertainment centres. Cloudland in Bowen Hills was THE hang out from the year it was Built in 1940, until November 1982 when it was demolished. Whispers went through Brisbane in the weeks before the demolition but no one really thought any demolition would go ahead. The Deen Brothers went on to tear Cloudland to the ground at 4am in the morning. Only a few hours later, cars full of bewildered people came to see for themselves. There was anger, sadness and disbelief as they saw the demolition with their own eyes.


After demolition


As a ballroom in the early days










I remember walking through Brisbane City with my mum when I was a wee child, and seeing the Deen Brothers with their wrecking ball, ripping down old buildings. Premier Joh Bjelke Petersen had a penchant for ripping down a good portion of the beautiful old 19th and 20th century buildings including the stunning Bellevue Hotel.

But getting back to Cloudland. Cloudland was originally named Luna Park and the building of Luna Park was finished in 1940.  In the earlier days it was used for ballroom dancing and functions. Towards the end of its life bands such as Madness, The Angels, The Clash, Cold Chisel, Midnight Oil, Split Enz, Buddy Holly and Normie Rowe.


The stage


Seating areas with mezzanine above











My own mum had a lot to do with Cloudland during her late teens, twenties and thirties. She sat exams there when at Uni during the day and enjoyed the live bands at night. I can even remember one night where I was babysat by my grandma, so my mum could go and watch Split Enz play a show there.

Many couples met at Cloudland and went on to get married and have children, including the parents of one of my school mates. They ended up buying one of the units that sits on top of Cloudland hill now. Such a huge legacy it left for Brisbane.






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