Then & Now: McWhirters In “The Valley”


McWhirter’s Building Fortitude ValleyBrisbane Markets In The Inner City Area. Read more … »

Thomas Beirne owned a thriving drapery business on Brunswick Street, where he employed James McWhirter, who eventually became Thomas Beirne’s right-hand-man due to his strong work ethic. when Beirne travelled to England in 1896, he left his then manager of two years, James McWhirter, in charge. In 1898 upon Beirnes return from England, McWhirter established a competing drapery business in a small building opposite Beirne’s on Brunswick Street.

Beirne and McWhirter then became business rivals. But McWhirter’s strong business sense won out in the end with McWhirter needing to purchase his adjacent land and going on to build the 5-storey “McWhirters” building on the site, in 1912.

The McWhirters Building had to expand again, extending the building also adding it’s current day Art deco design and fascade. In 1930 architect firm Hall & Phillips designed the building as it still stands today and construction took place during 1930 and 1931. Hall & Phillips Architects also designed the BrisbaneLone Pine Koala Sanctuary. Read more … » City Hall.

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