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sing sing restaurant

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Address: 93 Hardgrave Road, West End Q 4101

Ph: (07) 3844 4954

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 10.30am to 3pm & 5pm to 10.00pm

Food: 9

Service: 9

Value: 7.5

Atmosphere: 7.5

We went out yesterday to have lunch at our usual vietnamese restaurant, but upon arriving at the restaurant, we saw that they only had one dodgy table left, that we sat down at anyway.  We waited so long for table service that we all decided to get up and leave and go someplace else as they were obviously not coping that day with their service. The restaurant that we happened to go instead was, Sing Sing Restaurant promising great Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine.

This restaurant is in the exact same place as the old Kim Than. Sing Sing were near the PA hospital but moved to West End recently when they were told that their building was being resumed. We were certainly not let down for changing restaurants. Sing Sing’s Pho was sensational. My daughters fought over the very tasty and healthy chicken phoChicken Pho Recipe (Pho Ga). Read more … » (noodle soup). My husband and I had beef pho, and it was divine. I am going to go out on a limb here and say it’s the best pho I have had. The taste was pure and clean. Flavours were beautiful and the star anise was not overpowering but it shone through. We also ordered our usual salt and pepper calamari and again – the best we have had. It was exxy but you are given twice as much as at other restaurants, which suited us fine.

There are three vietnamese/chinese restaurants along this strip on Hardgrave Road and I will not be dissapointed if we cannot get seating at our usual haunt as Sing Sings was a great alternative. In fact, the pho tasted so good and pure (no nasties in it, just beef broth & other natural flavour enhancements like ginger, garlic & star anise), I think we will be coming here more often. Initially we were all a little put off by ‘fine diningMalt Brisbane. Read more … »‘ interior (as our children eat like cavewomen), but they captivated the staff who laughed at our almost 2yr olds antics. We felt comfortable in the classier surroundings. There is also more relaxed street side dining although those tables were all taken. We had the interior of the restaurant to ourselves.

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